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Sustainable Funding and Business Models for Academic Cyberinfrastructure (CI) Facilities

The final report for the National Science Foundation-sponsored workshop "Sustainable Funding and Business Models for Academic Cyberinfrastructure Facilities” is available. A distinguished group of 119 cyberinfrastructure facility directors, HPC center directors, research VPs, and CIOs participated in the 2010 workshop held at Cornell University. Links to the workshop presentations and 28 contributed position papers are available below.

Workshop Background

Workshop Presentations and Breakouts

Contributed Position Papers

Papers available with author's permission.

  1. Allen, G. & Katz, D.S. (2009). Computational science, infrastructure and interdisciplinary research on university campuses: experiences and lessons from the Center for Computation and Technology. Louisiana State University position paper.
  2. Goldiez, B., Tafur, S. & Palaniappian, R. (2009). HPC sustainability plan and position paper. University of Central Florida position paper.
  3. Smith, P. (2009). HPC sustainability (metrics). Texas Tech High Performance Computing Center position paper.
  4. Furlani, T. (2010). Metrics of success and return on investment. University of Buffalo Center for Computational Research position paper.
  5. Kennedy, C.L. & Sheldon, P. (2010). The Vanderbilt Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education.
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  8. Joiner, D. (2010). The New Jersey Institute for Modeling and Visualization.
  9. Beck, S.D. (2010). Computational research across the curriculum: addressing the challenges of sustainable HPC at the academy. Louisiana State University Center for Computational & Technology position paper.
  10. Lifka, D., Alvord, R., Mehringer, S. & Redfern, P. (2010). Overview of the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing sustainable funding model.
  11. Atlas, S. R. (2010). White paper submitted to the NSF Workshop on High Performance Computing Center Sustainability.
  12. Bose, R., Crosswell, A. Hamilton, V. & Mesa, N. (2010). Piloting sustainable HPC for research at Columbia.
  13. Devins, R. & Elledge, A. (2010). A user-centric approach to HPC sustainability. Vermont Advanced Computing Center position paper
  14. Pummill, J., Brunson, D. & Apon, A. (2010). Community funding models for computational resources.
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  16. Liu, H. (2010). The sustainability of high performance computing at Louisiana State University.
  17. Wilgenbusch, J. (2010). Sustainable research computing at Florida State University.
  18. Deumens, E. & Taylor, C. (2010). Experiences with sustainability at the University of Florida HPC Center.
  19. Adrion, R., Blank, K., Hill, C., Kurose, J. & Ruckenstein, A. (2010). A Massachusetts green high-performance academic research computing facility.
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  24. Krishnamurthy, A., Gordon, S., Kelley, K., Wohlever, K. & Chalker, A. (2010.) Data center needs for a sustainable HPC center: issues facing the Ohio Supercomputer Center.
  25. Hillegas, C. (2010). Princeton University position paper for the NSF Workshop – Sustainable Funding and Business Models for High Performance Computing Centers.
  26. McMullen, R. & Monaco, G. (2010). The role of regional cyberinfrastructure in sustaining campus high performance computing centers.
  27. Combariza, J.E. (2010). Research computing cyberinfrastructure at Dartmouth College.
  28. Modi, J., Schwenker, A., Sinha, R. & Tolly, M. (2010). Survey of CASC members on the role of industrial partnership programs in high performance computing center sustainability.

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Organizing Committee

  • Stanley C. Ahalt, Ph. D., Director, Renaissance Computing Institute (email)
  • Amy W. Apon, Ph. D., Director, Arkansas High Performance Computing Center, University of Arkansas (email)
  • David Lifka, Ph. D., Director, Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing (email)
  • Henry Neeman, Ph. D., Director, OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research, University of Oklahoma (email)



The “Sustainable Funding and Business Models for Academic Cyberinfrastructure Facilities” report and workshop was funded in part by the National Science Foundation Office of Cyberinfrastructure grant number 0944039. The Organizing Committee gratefully acknowledges the National Science Foundation, Dell Inc. and Intel Corporation for their support of this workshop. The Committee would also like to thank everyone who took time to attend the workshop for their open and collegial participation and the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing for hosting the workshop.