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Susan Mehringer
Associate Director, Consulting

Susan H. Mehringer

Susan joined the organization in 1987 as a Technical Consultant.  Since then, she has been the Manager of the Education and Training group, a Senior Technical Consultant, and Manager of User Support and Consulting.  Her main interests are consulting, education, and online training.  Prior to coming to Cornell, she worked as an Engineer at General Electric in Daytona Beach, FL, and Syracuse, NY.

Send email or phone 607.254.8777.

Areas of Research or Expertise

  • Web-based Education and Training
  • Content Management
  • Finite Element Analysis

Project Experience

  • NSF Aristotle Cloud Federation Portal Lead
  • XSEDE Training Lead
  • Cornell Virtual Workshop
  • Red Cloud


B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Bucknell University

Memberships/Professional Affiliations

Sigma Xi
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Conference Presentations and Papers

Barker, B., Mehringer, S. Using Containers to Create More Interactive Online Training and Education Materials, PEARC20, July 2020.
Knepper, R., Mehringer, S., Brazier, A., Barker, B. and Reynolds, R. Red Cloud and Aristotle: campus clouds and federation. , HARC'19: Proceedings of the Humans in the Loop: Enabling and Facilitating Research on the Cloud. 2019.
Barker, Mehringer, Using Containers to Create More Interactive Online Training and Education Materials, presented at PEARC20, Virtual, July 2019
Mehringer, Myers, Houchins, Rivera, Mining Online Training Log Data, presented at PEARC19, Chicago, IL, July 2019
Gerber, Mehringer, Michael, Witzeman, Virtual Residency 2019 Summer Workshop on Research Computing Facilitation, Panel "The CI Milieu: Systems, Service Providers, Technologies", June 2019
Sukhija, Alexandrova, Lathrop, Mehringer, Mullen, Weeden, Fifth SC Workshop on Best Practices for HPC Training and Education, Session Chairs, SC18, Dallas, TX, November 2018
Sukhija, Curry, Cytowski, Ditter, Johnston, Lathrop, Mehringer, Muite, Sung, Turner, Best Practices for Scaling-Up and Sustaining HPC Education, Outreach and Training, BoF Panelist, SC18, Dallas, TX, November 2018
Susan Mehringer, John Urbanic, Lorna Rivera, and Tom Maiden, Creating Effective Online Training Videos from Live Training Event Recordings, presented at XSEDE18, Pittsburgh, PA, July 2018
Susan Mehringer XSEDE Training, invited presentation to the SIGHPC Education group, Webinar, April 2018
Susan Mehringer XSEDE Overview, invited presentation at the MBDH Initiative for Inclusion in Big Data and Data Science Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 2018
Scott Lathrop, Jay Alameda, Carl Albing, Nia Alexandrov, Maxim Belkin, Dana Brunson, Richard Coffey, Fernanda Foertter, Richard Gerber, Bilel Hadri, Rebecca Hartman-Baker, Susan Mehringer, Julia Mullen, Henry Neeman, Maria-Ribera Sancho, Gowtham Shankara, Nitin Sukhija, Robert Whitten, and Vassil Alexandrov, Fourth Workshop on Best Practices for HPC Training, SC17, Denver, CO, November 2017
Susan Mehringer, Dana Brunson, Gladys Andino, Jeff Sale, AJ Lauer and Sandra Kappes, Shared Solutions in HPC Training BOF, XSEDE16, Miami, FL, July 2016
Susan Mehringer and Aaron Birkland, Incorporating Interactive Compute Environments into Web-Based Training Materials using the Cornell Job Runner Service, presented at XSEDE15, St. Louis, MO, July 2015
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Philip Blood, Brock Palen, Dana Brunson, Susan Mehringer, Jim Lupo, Campus Champions Panel Plenary at XSEDE13, San Diego, CA, July 2013
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Dave Lifka, Susan Mehringer, Enhancing the “MATLAB on the TeraGrid” Experimental Resource with GPGPUs Birds of a Feather Session presented at TeraGrid '11, Salt Lake City, UT, July 2011
Steve Lantz, Susan Mehringer, Running Parallel Simulations and Enabling Science Gateways with the NSF MATLAB Experimental Computing Resource at Cornell Tutorial Session presented at ACM/IEEE Supercomputing Conference 2010 (SC10), New Orleans, LA, November 2010
Susan Mehringer, Nathaniel Woody, Steven Clark, Parallel Simulations and Science Gateways on the MATLAB Resource at Cornell, Tutorial presented at TeraGrid '10, Pittsburgh, PA, August 2010
Susan Mehringer, Nathaniel Woody, Andrew Dolgert, Douglas Fuller, Steven Lantz, Dan Stanzione, John Zollweg, Ranger Virtual Workshop, presented at TeraGrid '08, Las Vegas, NV, June 2008
Susan Mehringer, Lucia Walle, William Law, Lee Grant , Introduction to .NET and Web Services for HPC Applications, tutorial presented at SC|05, Seattle, WA, November 2006
Susan Mehringer, Sit! Fetch! Roll Over! Tricks You can Perform with a Content Management System presented at the SIGUCCS Computer Services Management Symposium, Charleston, SC , March 2005
Susan Mehringer, Enhancing Web-Based Materials with Video Clips presented at E-Learn 2002, Montreal, Canada , October, 2002
Kathy Barbieri and Susan Mehringer, Virtual Workshop: Interactive Web-Based Education presented at ED-MEDIA/ED-TELECOM97, Calgary, Canada , June 1997
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Robert Feldman and Susan Mehringer, Using Mosaic to Deliver Live Lectures presented at the SUNY FACT Conference on Instructional Technologies, June 1995
Susan Mehringer, Mark Smith, and John Zollweg, Tools Case Study tutorial presented at Supercomputing '93, Portland, OR, November 1993
SuperQuest: A National Computational Science Competition for High Schools panel at AAAS Conference, Boston, MA , February 1993
Exemplars of Undergraduate Supercomputing Research and Education Experiences panel at Supercomputing '92, Minneapolis, MN , November 1992
Susan Mehringer, Computational Science for High School Teachers and Students presented at NYSERNet '92, New York, NY , September 1992
Susan I. Hemberger, Computer-Aided Drafting with Interface for Finite Element Mesh Generation presented to the American Society of Engineering Educators, Tempe, AZ , Oct 1984; published by Academic Press, Inc, 1985