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Chris Myers
Senior Research Associate / Adjunct Professor (Physics)

Chris Myers

Chris has been with CAC since 2017, having previously been a member of the research staff of the Bioinformatics Facility of the Institute of Biotechnology (2007-2017) and the Cornell Theory Center (1993-1997, 1998-2007). In addition, Chris is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Physics at Cornell, and a member of the graduate faculty in the fields of Physics, Computational Biology, Applied Mathematics, and Computational Science and Engineering. Chris works primarily in the field of computational biology, addressing problems in the systems biology of cellular regulation, signaling, metabolism, development, virulence and immunity; and in host-pathogen interactions and the spread of infectious diseases on populations, networks and landscapes.

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Areas of Research or Expertise

  • Infectious disease dynamics and host-pathogen interactions
  • Computational systems biology
  • Complex systems and networks
  • Design and development of software for computational science


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Teaching and Training


B.A., History, Yale University
M.S., Physics, Cornell University
Ph.D., Physics, Cornell University