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The Changing Sun, Credit: Yokkoh SXT
Here are 12 X-ray images of the sun's atmosphere, obtained between 1991 and 1995 at 90 day increments.

Recent mk3 Picture, Credit: MLSO

Dopplergram, Credit: Mt. Wilson SOHO Database

Solar Prominence, Credit: NASA
Solar Flare, propelled by magnetic forces, rises to an extent 365,000 miles abover the solar surface.

Detailed View of Sunspots, Credit: National Solar Observatory
The center of a sunspot is called the umbra, and the band around the umbra (composed of fibers) is called the penumbra. Magnetic fields are much more concentrated in the umbra than in the penumbra.

X-ray Image, Credit: Calvin J. Hamilton and Yohkoh
X-Ray Image, where the bright regions are sources of increased X-ray emissions.

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