Horizon Web Console: Identity


Red Cloud 2 is currently in beta testing and not available to all users. If you are not a Red Cloud 2 beta tester, use the production Red Cloud instead. This Red Cloud 2 documentation is still under development.

Beta testers: Report all problems to CAC Help. Please specify Red Cloud 2 when reporting problems. Thank you!

You can manage your identity and application credentials under the Identity tab in the Horizon web console.


The Projects tab under Identity lists all Red Cloud projects, with their UUIDs, to which your user belong. Additionally, you can switch the active project by clicking on the Set as Active Project button.

The project without the Set as Active Project button is the current active project.

Project Tab


The Users tab shows the UUID of your user account.

Users Tab

Application Credentials

Application credentials are used by the Openstack CLI client and Openstack SDK to authenticate to Red Cloud.

List Existing Application Credentials

The Application Credentials tab under Identity lists all of your existing application credentials. Application credentials are linked to a project and a user. You cannot see application credentials created by other users in your project.

If you are in more than one project, the Project ID column shows the UUID of the project to which the application credential is linked.

List Existing Application Credentials

Create a New Application Credential

To create a new application credential,

  1. Make sure you set active project to the project for the new application credential you are about to create. Set Active Project for New App Credential

  2. Click on the Create Application Credential button.

  3. On the next screen, enter a descriptive name (required), description, expiration date and time, roles, and access rules for the new application credential. Then click on the Create Application Credential button. Create an Application Credential

  4. On the next screen, click on either the Download openrc file (for Openstack CLI client) or Download cloud.yaml (for use Openstack SDK) Save New Application Credential

By default, the downloaded application credential file is named app-cred-<app credential name>-openrc.sh (openrc format) or clouds.yaml (clouds.yaml format).


You will not be able to view the value of the application credential's secret after you close this window. If you accidentally close the window without saving the application credential, delete and create a new one.

Delete an Application Credential

In the Application Credentials tab under Identity, click on the "Delete Application Credential" button next to the one you want to delete.

List Existing Application Credentials