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AIDA General Information

  • Aida is a private cluster with restricted access to members of bs54_0001 and rab38_0001 groups.
  • Head node: (access via ssh)
  • 12 GPU nodes
    • 6 with V100 GPUs (c0017-c0022)
    • 6 with A100 GPUs (c0071-c0076)
  • many nodes from the former Atlas2 cluster


  • All GPU nodes support vector extensions up to AVX-512
  • All nodes have hyperthreading turned on.


    2x18 core Intel Xeon Skylake 6154 CPUs with base clock 3GHz (turbo up to 3.7GHz)

c0017: x5 GPU/Nvidia Tesla V100 16GB

    Memory: 754GB
    swap: 187GB
    /tmp: 700GB

c00[18-21]: x5 GPU/Nvidia Tesla V100 16GB

     Memory: 376GB
     swap: 187GB
     /tmp: 700GB

c0022: x2 GPU/Nvidia Tesla V100 16GB

     Memory: 1.5TB 
     swap: 187GB
     /tmp: 100GB
     /scratch: 1TB


    2x28 core Intel Xeon Ice Lake Gold 6348 CPUs with base clock 2.6GHz
    x4 GPU/Nvidia Tesla A100 80GB
    Memory: 1TB
    swap: 187GB
    /tmp: 3TB


File Systems


  • The cluster scheduler is Slurm. All nodes are configured to be in the "normal" partition with no time limits. See Slurm documentation page for details. See the Requesting GPUs section for information on how to request GPUs on compute nodes for your jobs.
    1. --gres=gpu:2g.20gb:<number of MIG devices> or --gres=gpu:1g.10gb:1 to request MIG devices. The job will land on one of c0002, c0003, or c0004.
    2. --gres=gpu:a100:<number of GPUs> to request entire A100 GPUs. The job will land on node c0001.
  • Remember, hyperthreading is enabled on the cluster, so Slurm considers each physical core to consist of two logical CPUs.
  • Partitions (queues):
Name Description Time Limit
normal all nodes, each node with 4 Nvidia A100 GPUs no limit


  • Submit questions or requests at help or by sending email to: Please include AIDA in the subject area.