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Installed Software

(sortable table)
Package and Version Location Compute Nodes Notes
Python 2.7 /usr/local/bin/python2.7 yes yes /opt/epd-7.1-2-rh5-x86_64
Intel Compilers 11.1 /opt/intel yes yes
Gromacs /opt/gromacs yes no
Gaussian C.01 /opt/g09 yes yes
Gauss View 508 /opt/gv yes yes
amber12 /opt/amber12 yes yes
Gamess /opt/gamess yes yes
gnuplot /usr/share/gnuplot yes yes
orca 3.0.2 /share/apps/orca_3_0_2_linux_x86-64/ yes yes
  • It is usually possible to install software in your home directory.
  • List installed software via rpms: 'rpm -qa'. Use grep to search for specific software: rpm -qa | grep sw_name [i.e. rpm -qa | grep perl ]
  • Send email to: to request installation or update of any software. You're not limited to what appears in the list above, possibly pending the permission of the cluster PI.

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