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The CLAL cluster is a restricted-use cluster of Apple Xserve machines running MacOS X 10.5. The P.I. is Professor Lust.


Server Apple Mac Mini
CPU One 2.6 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon
Local Disk
  • 1 TB Fusion Drive (SSD/HDD) for operating system and apps
  • 3 TB RAID1 User Data
  • 3 TB RAID1 Time Machine Backup
Operating System MacOS X 10.8.5

Open Directory runs an Open Directory server. It provides directory services to local server processes as well as the CLAL lab machines in MVR.


Web / http

Part of the web site is restricted to authorized users.

Apple File Sharing

Authorized users can access the file system on via Apple File Sharing.

Path: afp://

In Finder, choose "Connect to Server..." under the Go menu:


Enter the afp:// path and click on the Connect button


Enter user name and password while prompted.


To use sftp to access file systems on amma2 on Windows PCs, first download the WinSCP client.

Run the installer to install. Then launch WinSCP you will see this dialog box. Type in host name, user name, password, and select "SFTP" as file protocol as demonstrated below:


For the first-time login, you will see another dialog box asking if you want to accept and save the host key. Select "Yes." And that's it. The GUI is very easy to use for transferring files both ways.

Data Backup

Data Files

All data files on the 1 TB internal drive and 3 TB external RAID1 are backed up to a 3 TB RAID1 using Time Machine in MacOS X. Time Machine keeps

  • Hourly backups for the past 24 hours,
  • Daily backups for the past month, and
  • Weekly backups forever

until it runs out of the disk space. Then it will delete the oldest snapshots necessary to recover the disk space required to make the next snapshot. Unfortunately, in Apple's attempt to keep things simple, Time Machine's backup and retention policies are not configurable.

OpenDirectory and Databases

All PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, as well as Open Directory on amma2, are dumped to /System/Backup directory at 11 pm nightly by launchd daemons (cron jobs in MacOS X). The dumps will then be backed up by Time Machine.

See here for more information on CLAL