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You can change your CAC password before it expires. You will want to do so if you feel that your password has been compromised in any way. For example, suppose you think that someone else knows your password or you are concerned that you issued your password in a nonsecure setting that would have led to sending it in clear text. To change it:

  • Be sure that you have no other open connections to any CAC resources.
- The only open interactive session should be the one in which you are changing the password.
- Log off all sessions connected to login nodes.
- Log off all remote connections to other CAC machines.
- It is not enough to disconnect the active sessions; you must log off. Failure to do so will lead to the system locking your account.
- Disconnect locally mapped drives to the CAC file server. Again, if this is not done, the system will automatically lock your account.
  • Log in to one of the CAC login nodes.
- Use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to winlogin, or an SSH client to connect to linuxlogin or to a Linux head node (for a private cluster).
- Follow the same steps as you would to change a password at first login.

After you change your password, you will be logged in.

If your password has expired

Your password will expire after six months or 185 days. About a week before your password expires, you will be asked if you want to change it. You can do it then or wait until it expires. If your password has expired, you will be prompted to change it. Follow the instructions to do so, using the same procedure as in change a password at first login.

After you change your password, you will be logged in.

Password expiration date

To see when your password expires:

  • On winlogin, open a command prompt window (cmd), then issue the command
 net user <your CAC user name> /domain 
Look for the line "Password expires".
  • There is no equivalent command on the Linux login nodes.

If you forget or lose your password

Please contact CAC Help by submitting a ticket on our issue tracking system or by calling 607-254-8691.