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Using Remote Desktop Connection to connect to winlogin

This method of connecting to winlogin is preferred because it provides you with a fully functional Windows desktop. At the login screen, if the domain is specified, it should be set to CTC_ITH, not the local name of the machine to which you are connecting.

Remote Desktop sessions do not expire unless you log out, but they will end when machines are rebooted during down times.

  • If you use a Windows machine:
    Use the Remote Desktop Connection (older name Terminal Services Client) to connect to a login machine. This software is pre-installed with Windows 7 and later. To run it, find Windows Accessories in your list of apps, then click Remote Desktop Connection.
  • If you use macOS:
    Search from Microsoft Remote Desktop at the App Store. it works just like the Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 7 and later. You can also use rdesktop (see below). Tip: if authentication fails, make sure your software updates are current.
  • If you use Unix or Linux (or Mac):
    You can access the login machines by using the cross-platform rdesktop client. If you are running Linux, typically it is part of the distribution. If you prefer to build it yourself, it is available for download from rdesktop.