Editors for Linux Cluster

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Choose an editor for the CAC linux cluster from among these three types. The simpler editors are immediately easy to use. The vi and emacs editors offer lots of capabilities but require time to learn in order to access those capabilities.

Editors in the Terminal Window

  • nano - Very simple. Type "nano" at the command prompt. The menus are self-explanatory.
  • vi - The most common editor on all systems. Easy to learn the very basics from SimpleViDirections, and then much more complicated after that.

Editors which Require X-Windows

  • gedit - Simple, and it looks like notepad. Start with "gedit&" at the command prompt. Not on the compute nodes.
  • emacs - Like vi, this editor is worth choosing if you take time to memorize lots of commands.

Remote Editors

For someone unfamiliar with Linux, these editors may be the simplest choice. Both of these editors run on your computer but connect to linuxlogin1.cac.cornell.edu to transfer the file every time you save it. They do not need X-Windows.

Programming Environments

If you are writing code, then try Eclipse. It is a fully-featured integrated development environment, or IDE, which works for Java, C++, even Fortran. On our system, it is installed under /opt/eclipse.