File Transfer using Globus

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Client Requirements

First-Time Use

The CAC gridftp server recognizes X509 certificates signed by XSEDE CAs as well as CAC's myproxy server.

  • To transfer files between XSEDE sites and CAC (a.k.a "third-party" transfers), follow the instructions in the Register Your XSEDE Certificate section.
  • If you don't have an XSEDE account and want to transfer files between your local client machine and CAC, you can get a CAC-issued certificate using your CAC user name and password. Follow in the instructions in the Get a CAC Certificate section.

Register Your XSEDE Certificate

You need to associate a certificate with your CAC account by registering it before you can use it for GridFTP. You can only register 1 certificate per account. When you register a certificate, any previously registration is overwritten.

  • Go to My Account page on CAC web site
  • Click on "Register Certificate" link.
  • Enter your CAC account name and password. Click on the "Choose" File" button to specify your TG certificate to be registered. Then click on the "Register" button.
  • It takes up to 1 minute for the TG certificate you specified to be associated with your account.

Get a CAC Certificate

  • If you don't have Globus installed on your client machine, ssh to and use the Globus software installed there:
export  GLOBUS_LOCATION=/opt/globus-4.2.1
source  /opt/globus-4.2.1/etc/
  • If you are using the Globus software on your client machine, set up your Globus environment (similar to the step above).
  • Obtain your CAC issued certificate using your CAC account name and password:
-sh-3.1$ myproxy-logon -T -l userid -s
Enter MyProxy pass phrase: 
A credential has been received for user userid in /tmp/cert_file_name
Trust roots have been installed in /home/fs01/userid/.globus/certificates/.

Using GridFTP

You can now use your favorite gridftp client or Globus Online for high speed file transfers to and from CAC. Here are the URLs for commonly used file systems at CAC:

  • CAC Home Directories:
  • User Directories for Red Cloud for Matlab:
gsi<user id>

If you need to transfer very large amount (terabytes) of data, please submit your request to CAC Help to make arrangements for additional storage for staging data in and out.