Getting Started on the ASTRA cluster

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  • Log into via ssh
  • Password change at FIRST LOGIN:
    • You will be prompted to change your password upon initial login.
    • You will also ask you for an ssh pass phrase. You can leave this blank; just hit the Enter key.
Example changing from an old password of '0ldpassw0rd!!' and a new password of 'newpassw0rd!!' : (Note that you are prompted 2x's for the old password)
$ ssh
Password: (ENTER 0ldpassw0rd!!) 
WARNING: Your password has expired. 
You must change your password now and login again! 
Changing password for user your_username. 
Kerberos 5 Password: (ENTER 0ldpassw0rd!!) 
New UNIX password: (ENTER newpassw0rd!!) 
Retype new UNIX password: (ENTER newpassw0rd!!) 
passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully. 
Connection to astra closed.

If you get a token error, it most likely means that the password is not complex enough. Your password must contain at least three of the following four elements (1)uppercase letters (2)lowercase letters (3)special characters (4)digits and be a minimum 8-characters.

  • home directory: /home/fs01/userid (referenced by either: ~ or $HOME)
  • Familiarize yourself with your pre-set environment variables; type: env
  • Please run through the examples to help familiarize yourself to the ASTRA cluster
  • Review the Maui commands!

(Submit a job: qsub, Check on a job: checkjob, View all jobs: showq, Cancel a job: canceljob)

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