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There is one filesystem which is shared by both Linux and Windows systems:

  • Your home directory on Linux is: /home/fs01/userid
  • Your home directory on Windows is: \\storage01.cac.cornell.edu\userid

In Linux, it is generally safe to refer to your home directory as either ~, ~username, or $HOME, so you never need to specify the exact mount point. On CAC's Windows systems, similarly, the letter drive H: is mapped to your home directory; however, it is often preferable to use the full UNC path to the network share, as given above.

You can mount your home directory on your local machine, as long as your machine is connected to Cornell campus network or Cornell VPN

Linux Users

You mount your CAC home directory via SMB/CIFS like this:

sudo mount -t cifs //storage01.cac.cornell.edu/<myid> /mnt/pt -o user=<myid>,domain=CTC_ITH,uid=<localid>,vers=2.0 

where <myid>is your CAC user name, <localid> is your local user name, and /mnt/pt is the name of a directory you have created ahead of time to be the mount point on your local filesystem. Enter the password for CAC account when prompted. See man mount.cifs for available options for the mount command.

If you see errors, such as "missing codepage or helper program," then you have not installed the mount and umount packages for CIFS on your local machine. If problems persist, send your initial command and the results of dmesg | tail.

Mac OS X users

  • In the Finder, either select Connect to Server... from the Go menu or use the shortcut cmd-K.

  • Enter smb://storage01.cac.cornell.edu/<user name> in the Server Address field as shown below. You may need to use smb://<username>@storage01.cac.cornell.edu/<username>.

  • Enter your CAC user name and password to log in. You may need to use <username>@tc.cornell.edu in place of your username.

Windows users

  • Open My Computer
  • Click on Tools -> Map Network Drive
  • Drive H: (if you are already using this drive letter, use another letter)
  • Folder: \\storage01.cac.cornell.edu\<userid>
  • Then:
-Select "Connect using a different user name:". This will allow you to enter the domain associated with CAC and your userid at CAC, rather than those associated with your own machine.
-User name: CTC_ITH\your_userid
-Password: your CAC password
  • Troubleshooting: If you have already mapped the drive and subsequently have problems, disconnect the drive and remap it.