MATLAB Parallel Server in Red Cloud

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First time Login has been completed. Create key pair has been completed.

Create a Security Group

Create a Security Group with the following ports open, you can use the "Use my IP address" after entering the Custom TCP port ranges and the standard SSH port. The last port is to our License Manager - needed for MDCS.

TCP (14000 - 15000) 128.84.XXX.XXX/32
TCP (22) 128.84.XXX.XXX/32
TCP (27000 - 28000) 128.84.XXX.XXX/32
TCP (27000)

Start Matlab Cluster

Currently one-node cluster is supported. Multi-node cluster support is forthcoming.

On Euca Console:

  • On the dashboard of the Euca console, click on the "Launch Instance" button.
  • Select emi-XXXXX on the "Image" screen. Click on the Next button.
  • On the "Details" screen, select the desired instance type. One Matlab worker will be started per CPU in the instance. Click on the Next button.
  • On the "Security" screen, select the ssh keypair you'd like to use to access the instance via ssh (optional), and select your Matlab security group.
  • Click on "Launch Instance"
  • After the instance is running, the Matlab cluster should be reachable at the public IP address of the instance.