MATLAB Parallel Server in Red Cloud

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  • The MATLAB R2016a client, including the Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT), is installed on your local workstation.
  • First time login has been completed.
  • Create key pair has been completed.

Create a Security Group

In the Eucalyptus Management Console (for recdcloud-ith), you need to create a Security Group for your MATLAB instances. Its purpose is to open up certain TCP ports so your client has proper access to your MDCS server(s).

Choose "Security Groups", then "Create a new Security Group", and set the following Rules. Note, to auto-fill <your client IP address>/32, you can select the "Use my IP address" link after entering either the Custom TCP port range or the standard SSH port.

Protocol Port range Allow traffic from IP address
Custom TCP 14000 - 15000 <your client IP address>/32
Custom TCP 27000 - 28000 <your client IP address>/32
SSH (for terminal access) 22 - 22 <your client IP address>/32

If you wish, you can set the security group to allow access from a broader range of IP addresses. For example, if the allowed IP range is set to, access is permitted from any Cornell subnet. However, you should be aware that in this case, any Cornell user who has knowledge of the IP address and the cluster name will be able to submit MDCS jobs to your Red Cloud instance(s).

In general, if other users require access to your Red Cloud instance for their MDCS jobs--or if you will be accessing MDCS from multiple IP addresses--then it is probably best to add the extra IP addresses to the security group individually, in the same way as the first.

Start Matlab Cluster

Currently only one-node clusters are supported. However, a single node can support many workers, up to the total number of cores that you assigned to your instance. Multi-node cluster support is forthcoming.

In the Euca Console (redcloud-ith):

  • From the dashboard, click on the "Launch Instance" button.
  • Select emi-b10e13b4 on the "Image" screen. Click on the Next button.
  • On the "Details" screen, select the desired instance type. One Matlab worker will be started per CPU in the instance. Click on the Next button.
  • On the "Security" screen, select the ssh keypair you'd like to use to access the instance via ssh (optional), and select your Matlab security group.
  • Click on "Launch Instance"
  • After the instance is running, the Matlab cluster should be reachable at the public IP address of the instance within 2 minutes.

Note: after you finish using your Matlab cluster, remember to stop or terminate the instance on the Euca Console to stop charges against your Red Cloud subscription.