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Login Node

You can use the OSG cluster as a traditional HPC cluster via the login node, nys1login.cac.cornell.edu. Here's how you gain access via ssh:

  • If needed, generate a public-private key pair using "ssh-keygen" command.
  • Upload your public key (id_dsa.pub or id_rsa.pub) to the CE using the following command.
globus-job-run nys1.cac.cornell.edu /bin/sh -c "mkdir ~/.ssh; chmod 700 ~/.ssh; echo '<your public key>' >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys"

Please note: it is important that you APPEND your public key to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the CE. Do NOT overwrite that file. ~/.ssh/authorized_keys contain another key pair that's used to run jobs on the worker nodes.

  • Look up your local user id:
globus-job-run nys1.cac.cornell.edu /bin/sh -c "id"
  • Now you should be able to log into the new submit node (nys1login.cac.cornell.edu) like this:
ssh -i <your private key> <local user id>@nys1login.cac.cornell.edu

Please do NOT log into the CE (nys1.cac.cornell.edu) as it is often heavily loaded processing requests from the grid.

  • Now you should be able to use the cluster like a traditional HPC cluster with maui/torque commands like showq, qsub, canceljob, checkjob, etc.
  • If you prefer password login, ssh into the CE (nys1.cac.cornell.edu) using your private key and then use the "passwd" command to set the password. You MUST set the password on the CE and the new password will take up to an hour to propagate back to the submit node (at 35 minutes after every hour). If you attempt to set a password on the submit node, it will be overwritten next time when the passwords are propagated from the CE.