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Warning: This page is currently under construction. Information may not be ready for users.

OpenStack is an open-source cloud stack that is in the process of implementation on Red Cloud. Also, for more information, see the Official Documentation for OpenStack.

Eucalyptus vs. OpenStack

The following Openstack features should be working in the initial deployment:

  • identity and access (`keystone` in Openstack, `iam` in Eucalyptus/AWS)
  • compute (`nova` in Openstack, `ec2`in Eucalyptus/AWS)
  • block storage (`cinder` in Openstack, `ebs` in Eucalyptus/AWS)
  • object storage (`swift` in Openstack, `s3` in Eucalyptus/AWS)
  • images are in RBD format like UB. This should allow near instantaneous instance launches (especially if we do away with ephemeral storage).
  • networking (`neutron` in Openstack): I expect to have VPC support.
  • web console (`horizon` in Openstack, `eucaconsole` in Eucalyptus).