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Warning: This page is currently under construction. Information may not be ready for users.

OpenStack is an open-source cloud stack that is in the process of implementation on Red Cloud. Also, for more information, see the Official Documentation for OpenStack.

How To Use

This section will need a better title when we have a definitive API.

Logging In

Key Pairs

Security Groups


Launch an Instance

Types of Images


Create and Attach a Volume

Types of Storage

Eucalyptus vs. OpenStack

The following Openstack features should be working in the initial deployment:

  • identity and access (`keystone` in Openstack, `iam` in Eucalyptus/AWS)
  • compute (`nova` in Openstack, `ec2`in Eucalyptus/AWS)
  • block storage (`cinder` in Openstack, `ebs` in Eucalyptus/AWS)
  • object storage (`swift` in Openstack, `s3` in Eucalyptus/AWS)
  • images are in RBD format like UB. This should allow near instantaneous instance launches (especially if we do away with ephemeral storage).
  • networking (`neutron` in Openstack): I expect to have VPC support.
  • web console (`horizon` in Openstack, `eucaconsole` in Eucalyptus).