OpenStack Security Groups

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About Security Groups

Security Groups allow control over the types of communication that are possible between a Red Cloud instance and the internet. A security group is a collection of rules, each of which specifies that internet traffic will be allowed to come from (ingress) or go to (egress) a set of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses through a given set of ports. The permissions given by these rules accumulate to form the net effect of the security group. Multiple security groups can be assigned to an instance, and the permissions from multiple groups also accumulate.

Each Red Cloud project has a default security group that cannot be deleted. This security group will be assigned by default to every new instance that is created, though you can remove it if you want. Users will want to either modify the project's default security group or create additional security groups to provide access to types of internet communication that are not enabled by the default group.

Creating a Security Group

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Editing a Security Group

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Assigning Security Groups to an Instance

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