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Profiling MATLAB code

MATLAB provides the profile command that can be used for debugging and optimizing MATLAB code by tracking execution time. The following describes how to create a profile of your code and create a zip file of the results.


To interactively inspect your code you can run the following then browse the results.

>> profile on
>> [Execute your code]
>> profile off
>> profile viewer

For example, if you were to profile MATLAB’s pctdemo_task_bench function you would get an output that looks like the following: Prof1.gif

Clicking on the function name lets you view more detail: Prof2.gif

Saving Results

To save the results for later review you can use the profsave function to store the results as HTML files

>> profsave(profile(‘info’),’profile_demo’);

This creates output that looks similar to the interactive profile: Prof3.gif

To save these results to a zip file you can use the zip function:

>> zip('profile_demo','profile_demo/*');

This creates a zip file “” that contains the contents of the folder “profile_demo”.

Additional information is available from MathWorks