Syncing to Archival Storage

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This is a user-level guide for syncing a directory to CAC Archival Storage using Globus.


  • You know how to log into Globus.
  • You are a user of a CAC project with archival storage service enabled. In this document, <CACUser> denotes your CAC user name and <CACProject> denotes your CAC project name.
  • On the host from where you want to run (either one time or regularly scheduled) sync commands, install Globus CLI client.
  • If the source directory is not located on an existing Globus endpoint, install Globus Connect Personal for Linux, MacOS, or Windows on the host where the source directory is located.


On the host from where you want to run sync commands,

  • Log into Globus using Globus CLI:
 $ globus login
 Please authenticate with Globus here:
 Enter the resulting Authorization Code here: 
Copy and paste the URL into a web browser. Log into Globus as instructed in the web browser. After logging in, copy and paste the code back into the terminal.
You have successfully logged in to the Globus CLI!

You can check your primary identity with
  globus whoami

For information on which of your identities are in session use
  globus session show

Logout of the Globus CLI with
  globus logout