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| c8
| c8
| New R440 Servers
| Newest Dell R440 Servers
| no limit
| no limit

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General Information

Tardis3 cluster is a reinstallation of TARDIS Cluster using OpenHPC 2/CentOS 8. TARDIS Cluster nodes will eventually be migrated to this new cluster.


  • The cluster scheduler is Slurm. All nodes are configured to be in the "normal" partition with no time limits. See Slurm documentation page for details.
  • Remember, hyperthreading is enabled on the cluster, so Slurm considers each physical core to consist of two logical CPUs.
  • Partitions (queues):
Name Description Time Limit
c8 Newest Dell R440 Servers no limit

Software List

Software Path Notes
*GNU Compilers 9.3.0 /opt/ohpc/pub/compiler/gcc/9.3.0 module load gnu9/9.3.0
Intel Compilers 2021.1.2.266 (2021 Update 1) /opt/intel/oneapi/compiler/2021.1.2 module load intel/2021.1.2.266
*openmpi 4.0.4
  • /opt/ohpc/pub/mpi/openmpi4-gnu9
  • /opt/ohpc/pub/mpi/openmpi4-intel
module load openmpi4