TextWrangler Step by Step

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TextWrangler is a Mac application that lets you use a Mac application to edit files on the remote CAC servers. It can be the easiest way to edit files for people who do not know Linux.

1. Install TextWrangler from TextWrangler.

2. Open TextWrangler -> Preferences ->FTP Settings. Click Add.


3. Enter the server name linuxlogin1.cac.cornell.edu or linuxlogin2.cac.cornell.edu (either), "User Name", and "Password". Check the "SFTP" box. Click Save. Then close the "Preferences" window.


4. From the TextWrangler menu, click "File"->"Open from FTP/SFTP Server". Click Bookmarks and select "cac". Click "Connect".


5. Open the file by double-clicking the file name.

6. After you finish the modification, click "File" -> "Save to FTP/SFTP server", click "Save".