Using EditPlus

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This editor runs on Windows and is able to edit files on the CAC cluster by transferring them automatically every time you open or save a file.

  1. Download from EditPlus
  2. Install by opening the download.
  3. Run EditPlus.
  4. Under the File menu, select FTP, then Open Remote...
    Finding the remote menu in EditPlus
  5. Create a configuration for CAC by pressing Settings.
    Starting remote page
  6. Fill out the main fields with your username and password for v4.
    Basic settings for your username on linuxlogin
  7. Under the advanced tab, enable the sftp checkbox to turn on secure ftp. Then hit OK.
    Turn on sftp for secure transfer
  8. Get a listing of your files on Select the one you want to open.
    See what files you can open