Vessel Cluster

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General Information

  • is the head node for an HPC cluster in RedCloud accessible by CAC staff only
  • OpenHPC 2 with Centos 8.3
  • Scheduler: slurm v20.11.3


Partitions (previously referred to as queues) on the vessel cluster:
Partition Node Names Limits
small (default) c000[0-9] CPUs:4 All Groups
large c000[0-9] CPUS:28
xo (coming soon) c00[01-09] walltime limit: n/a

Software List

Best way to view all the available software is via the module command:
  • module [avail list] and module [load unload] for activating if not in your loaded list.

Software Path Notes
* Docker version 20.10.6, build 370c289 /usr/bin/docker
* Intel HPC Base Kit 2021.3.0.3219 /opt/ohpc/pub/intel
* Intel HPC Toolkit 2021.3.0.3230 /opt/ohpc/pub/intel/oneapi module load intel/2021.3.0.3230
* Singularity 3.7.1 /opt/ohpc/pub module load singularity/3.7.1