Virtual Cluster in Red Cloud

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This documentation describes how to deploy and use a virtual HPC cluster in Red Cloud. The virtual cluster uses slurm scheduler to dynamically launch Red Cloud instances to run batch or interactive jobs submitted to the batch queue, and delete the instances when the jobs complete.

Deploy Virtual Cluster


Red Cloud subscribers can roll their own virtual clusters using the Ansible playbooks and instriuctions in the Slurm Cluster in Openstack GitHub repo. The playbooks will deploy a single user virtual cluster in Red Cloud.

Need Help or Additional Features

If you need help deploying the cluster or need additional features (e.g. multi-user login, custom software installation, file system export via SMB or Globus etc.), email CAC Help with your requirements. Consulting rates will apply in addition to Red Cloud subscriptions for custom work on your virtual cluster.

Log into the Head Node

Launch Compute Nodes via Slurm

Batch Job

Interactive Session

Compute Node Status