WALLER Cluster

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WALLER General Information

  • WALLER is a private cluster with restricted access.
  • WALLER has one head node and 7 compute nodes (compute node details can be found below under the 'Queues' section)
  • Head node: waller.cac.cornell.edu (access via ssh) serves as:
    • the cluster scheduler
    • Rocks Cluster server for compute node deployment
  • Compute nodes: (see below for node names and further information about the queue)
  • Rocks 5.0 cluster
  • Cluster Status: Ganglia.
  • Submit HELP requests: help OR by sending email to: help@cac.cornell.edu

Getting Started

login via ssh to waller.cac.cornell.edu:

   ssh USERID@waller.cac.cornell.edu

General information about running jobs and logging in can be found in the getting started page

Reminder this is information about the v4 cluster, not the waller cluster; the commands, syntax for batch jobs would be similar. (use qsub, not nsub)

showq displays jobs running

Once you have a job batch file created, you use 'qsub jobname' (not nsub as written in the v4 documentation).

Use: checkjob/canceljob to check on or cancel your job.


Maui 3.2.6p19/Torque 2.3.0; no project ID required.


qstat -q shows waller has 1 queue

default: compute-1-[1-7].waller

 Number of nodes: 7 servers
 Node names: compute-1-[1-7].waller
 HW: Intel Xeon X5355 2.66GHz
 Memory: 32GB ram/server
 /tmp: 14GB

Cluster Tips

  • Cluster Status: Ganglia
  • Submit HELP requests: CAC help OR send email to: help@cac.cornell.edu
  • Password expired? If your password has expired, please ssh into linuxlogin.cac.cornell.edu to change your password and then use the new password to login to Waller. Users are not allowed to change their passwords directly on Waller.
  • Forgot your password? request a password reset at: Self-Service