Win HPC PBS Directives

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PBS Directives for WinHPC

The nsub job submission utility takes PBS directives as input for Linux and Windows jobs. However, due to differences in the systems and restrictions imposed the Center, not all directives are obeyed on both systems. The table below provides a summary of each directive and which platforms the directive is available on.

Directive Directive name Directive Description Linux Behavior Windows Behavior Notes
"-a" date_time Declares the time after which the job is eligible for execution Obeyed Ignored None
"-A" account_string Defines the account string associated with the job. Required Required CAC Project ID
"-d" path Working directory of Job Obeyed Fails Defaults to submission directory
"-e" path Path for stderr file Obeyed Paths ignored, should be -e %CCP_JOBID%.err See WindowsBatchExamples
"-h" hold Apply user hold Obeyed Obeyed mjobctl -u all jobid to release hold
"-I" interactive job Run job interactively Obeyed Fails Interactive jobs are not yet available on windows
"-j" join Join stdout and stderr streams Obeyed Ignored None
"-k" keep Keep out and error streams Obeyed Ignored o = keep stdout, e = keep stderr, oe=keep both, n=keep none
"-l" resource_list Specify walltime and nodes for job Required Required format = -l nodes=4,walltime=01:15:00 (75 minutes)
"-N" name Specify jobname Obeyed Obeyed None
"-o" path Path for stdout file Obeyed Paths ignored, should be -o %CCP_JOBID%.out See WindowsBatchExamples
"-q" destination Queue Required Required WinHPC = "NORMAL" queue, Linux = "v4, v4dev,v4-64g"
"-S" path_list Shell to execute job in Ignored Ignored Don't use.
"-t" array_request Job Array Config Ignored Ignored Not yet implemented
"-v" variable_list Environment variables to set in the job Obeyed Ignored format = EXEDIR=~/work/coldfuse,NATERULES=1
"-V" environment Copy submission environment to job Obeyed Ignored Recommended for Linux