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Press Release

“Ranger” Virtual Workshop now available

Workshop open to general scientific community; TeraGrid users receive special benefits

CAC contact: Paul Redfern 607.227.1865
TACC contact: Faith Singer-Villalobos 512.232.5771

FOR RELEASE: March 26, 2008

AUSTIN, Texas—The Cornell Center for Advanced Computing (CAC), the Arizona State University Fulton High Performance Computing Initiative (HPCI), and the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) today announced the availability of online training for users of the Sun Constellation Cluster “Ranger.”

“The Ranger Virtual Workshop is open to everyone, but there are advantages to being a TeraGrid user,” said Susan Mehringer, assistant director at the Cornell CAC. “While the workshop is open to the general scientific community, TeraGrid users will receive special benefits such as consulting and support.”

If they have not done so already, Ranger users are encouraged to join the TeraGrid by obtaining a Development Allocation account (known as a DAC, after the Development Allocation Committee, which reviews the requests).

New Ranger Virtual Workshop modules now accessible through the TeraGrid User Portal include:

  • Parallel Programming Concepts and HPC;
  • Ranger Environment;
  • Message Passing Interface (MPI);
  • OpenMP;
  • Profiling and Debugging;
  • Optimization and Scalability.

“The Ranger Virtual Workshop is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week as an alternative to ‘live’ Ranger classroom workshops,” Mehringer explained. “It’s ideal for users who need immediate information, who like to learn at their own pace, or who prefer not to travel.”

Additional modules will be added in the coming months and will focus on advanced concepts such as:

  • Hybrid Programming with OpenMP and MPI;
  • Advanced MPI;
  • Large Scale Data Visualization.

For access, please log into the TeraGrid User Portal (, and:

  1. Select the Training tab;
  2. Select the Online Training tab; and
  3. Select Ranger Virtual Workshop (under the High Performance Computing Technology Area).

For more information on the Sun Constellation Cluster, Ranger, please visit:

To request a DAC, please visit:

Consulting questions may be submitted via the TeraGrid User Portal: