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Selected Publications

Below are selected publications by Cornell CAC staff and researchers who have conducted research using CAC or CAC-supported resources.


Application of Performance Portability Solutions for GPUs and Many-Core CPUs to Track Reconstruction Kernels
K.H.M Kwok, M. Kortelainen, G. Cerati, A. Strelchenko, O. Gutsche, A.R. Hall, S. Lantz, et al.

Changes In Capture Availability Due to Infection Can Lead to Detectable Biases in Population-Level Infectious Disease Parameters
I.A. Holmes, A.M. Durso, C.R. Myers & T.A. Hendry
Peer Journal

From Buzzes to Bytes: A Systemic Review of Automated Bioacoustics Models Used to Detect, Classify and Monitor Insects
A.B Kohlberg, C.R. Myers & L.L. Figueroa
Journal of Applied Ecology

Generalizing mkFit and its Application to HL-LHC
G. Cerati, P. Elmer, P. Gartung, L. Giannini, M. Kortelainen, V. Krutelyov, S. Lantz, et al.
26th Intl. Conference on Computing in High Energy & Nuclear Physics

Improving Tracking Algorithms with Machine Learning: A Case for Line-Segment Tracking at the High Luminosity LHC
J. Guiang, S. Krutelyov, M. Vourliotis, Y. Gu, et al.

Increased Host Diversity Limits Bacterial Generalism But May Promote Microbe-Microbe Interactions
I.A. Holmes, J.G. Martinez-Fonseca, R. von May, B.A. Sealey, et al.

Impact of a Potential Chlamydia Vaccine in the USA: Mathematical Modelling Analysis
M. Makhoul, H.H. Ayoub, S.E. Awad, H. Chemaitelly, & L.J. Abu-Raddad
BMJ Public Health

Local Structural Features Elucidate Crystallization of Complex Structure
M.M. Martirossyan, M. Spellings, H. Pan & J. Dshemuchadse

Optimal Wavelet Selection for Signal Denoising
G.R. Sahoo, J.H. Freed & M. Srivastava
IEEE Access

r-VAE: Curvature Regularized Variational Autoencoders for Uncovering Emergent Low Dimensional Geometric Structure in High Dimensional Data
J.Z. Kim, N. Perin-Gilbert, E. Narmanli, P. Klein, C.R. Myers, et al.

Scaling HPC Education
S. Mehringer, M.P. Thomas, K. Cahill, C. Dey, D. Joiner, R. Knepper, J-P Navarro & J.H. Powell
Journal of Computational Science Education

Statistical Inference with Regularized Optimal Transport
Z. Goldfeld, K. Kato, G. Rioux & R. Sadhu
Information and Inference

The NANOGrav 12.5 yr Data Set: Search for Gravitational Wave Memory
G. Agazie, Z. Arzoumanian, P.T. Baker, B. Becsy, et al.
The Astrophysical Journal

What's in the Box? A Toolbox for Safe Deployment of Artificial Intelligence in Veterinary Medicine
P.S. Basran & R.B. Appleby

Wind Shadows Impact Planning of Large Offshore Wind Farms
S.C. Pryor & R. J. Barthelmie
Applied Energy


A Chromatin-Associated Regulator of RNA Polymerase III Assembly at tRNA Genes Revealed by Locus-Specific Proteomics
M.E. van Breugel, I. van Kruijsbergen, C. Mittal, et al.

A Multi-Objective Paleo-Informed Reconstruction of Western US Weather Regimes over the Past 600 Years
R.S. Gupta, S. Steinschneider & P.M. Reed
Climate Dynamics

Assessing Shared Material Usage in the High Performance Computing (HPC) Education and Training Community
S. Mehringer, K. Cahill, J-P Navarro, S. Lathrop, C. Dey, M. Thomas & J.H. Powell
Journal of Computational Science Education

A Time for Every Purpose: Using Time-Dependent Sensitivity Analysis to Help Understand and Manage Dynamic Ecological Systems
W.H. Ng, C.R. Myers, S. McArt & S.P. Ellner
The American Naturalist

Campus Bridging in the Age of COVID-19
E. Coulter, R. Knepper, R. Reynolds, S. Bird & T.K. Samuel

Combining Ultrasound Radiomics, Complete Blood Count, and Serum Biochemical Biomarkers for Diagnosing Intestinal Disorders in Cats Using Machine Learning
P.S. Basran, N. Shcherban, M. Forman, J. Chang, et al.
Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound

Comparing New York Diary Farm Characteristics, Costs, and Performance Across Four Quartiles of Profitability in 2022
M.K MacKenzie & J. Karszes

Differentiating Unimodal and Multimodal Distributions in Pulsed Dipolar Spectroscopy Using Wavelet Transforms
A.S. Roy, J.H. Freed & M. Srivastava
Applied Magnetic Resonance

Direct Optimization of Fast-Ion Confinement in Stellarators
D. Bindel, M. Landreman & M. Padidar
Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

Effect of Particle Anisotropy on the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Ordering Transitions in Hard Faceted Particles
A.K. Sharma & F.A. Escobedo
Journal of Chemical Physics

Final Results: National Survey on Education and Training Materials Repositories
K. Cahill, D. Joiner, S. Lathrop, S. Mehringer, J.P. Navarro & A. Weeden
Cornell University Technical Report

Glimmers from the Axiverse
N. Gendler, D.J.E. Marsh, L. McAllister & J. Moritz

Hedgehog Signaling via its Ligand DHH Acts as Fate Determinant During Skeletal Muscle Regeneration
A.M. Norris, A.B. Appu, C.D. Johnson, et al.
Nature Communications

High-Latitude Stratospheric Aerosol Injection to Preserve the Arctic
W.R. Lee, D.G. MacMartin, D. Visioni, et al.
Earth's Future

Hyper-Enhanced Feature Learning System for Emotion Recognition
H.P. Fordson, X. Xing, K. Guo, X. Xu, A. Anderson & E. DeRosa
Signal Processing in Medicine & Biology

Simulation Study of Aberration-Diverse Optical Coherence Tomography for Deep Tissue Imaging
B. Shearer, S. Adie, S. Liu & M. Wu
Proceedings Optical Coherence Tomography

Intra- and Interobserver Assessments of Intestinal Wall Thickness and Segmentations from Transverse Sections of Feline Abdominal Ultrasound Images
J. Chang, I.R. Porter, M.A. Forman, N. Shcherban & P.S. Basran
Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound

Monitoring Heritage at Risk: Caucasus Heritage Watch and the Armenian Monuments of Nagorno-Karabakh
A.T. Smith, L. Khatchadourian & I. Lindsay
Systemizing the Past

Policy-Value Alignment and Robustness in Search-based Multi-Agent Learning
N.A. Grupen, M. Hanion, A. Hao, D.D. Lee & B. Selman

Predicting and Controlling Spillover in Multi-Species Disease Transmission Networks: Steady-State Analysis
W.H. Ng, C.R. Myers, S. McArt & S.P. Ellner
The American Naturalist

Projecting Future Energy Production from Operating Wind Farms in North America. Part I: Dynamical Downscaling
S.C. Pryor, J.J. Coburn, R.J. Barthelmie & T.J. Sheperd
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology

Projecting Future Energy Production from Operating Wind Farms in North America. Part II: Statistical Downscaling
J. Coburn & S.C. Pryor
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology

Quantum Neural Estimation of Entropies
Z. Goldfeld, D. Patel, S. Sreekumar & M.M. Wilde

Recurrent Activity in Neuronal Avalanches
T. Salners, K.E. Avila, B. Nicholson, C.R. Myers, J. Beggs & K.A. Dahmen
Nature Scientific Reports

Robust Estimation Under the Wasserstein Distance
S. Nietert, R. Cummings & Z. Goldfeld

Speeding up the CMS Track Reconstruction with a Parallelized and Vectorized Kalman-Filter-based Algorithm during the LHC Run 3
S. Berkman, G. Cerati, P. Elmer, et. al.

Stochastic Watershed Model Ensembles for Long-Range Planning: Verification and Validation
G. Shabestanipour, Z. Brodeur, W.H. Farmer, S. Steinschneider, R.M. Vogel & J.R. Lamontagne
Water Resources Research

Targeted Discovery of Low-Coordinated Crystal Structures via Tunable Particle Interactions
H. Pan & J. Dshemuchadse
ACS Nano

tdsa: An R Package for Time-Dependent Sensitivity Analysis
W.H. Ng, C.R. Myers, S.H. McArt & S. P. Ellner
Methods in Ecology and Evolution

The I-WRF Framework: Containerized Weather Modeling, Validation, and Verification
R. Knepper, S.C. Pryor, B. Wineholt, X. Zhou, M. Burkovsky & J. Lee

The NANOGrav 12.5-year Data Set: Bayesian Limits on Gravitational Waves from Individual Supermassive Black Hole Binaries
Z. Arzoumanian, P.T. Baker, L. Blecha, H. Blumer, A. Brazier, et. al.

Unsupervised Analysis of Small Molecule Mixtures by Wavelet-Based Super-Resolved NMR
R.A. Sinha & M. Srivastava

U.S. Universities Are Not Succeeding in Diversifying Faculty
J.N. Matias, N.A. Lewis & E.C. Hope

Use of Accounting Concepts to Study Research: ROI in XSEDE, a US Cyberinfrastructure Service
C.A. Stewart, C.M, Costa, J.A. Wernert, W. Snapp-Childs, et. al.


A High-Order Hybrid Flow Solver for the Simulation of Nonlinear Internal Waves in Long Complex Domains
T. Diamantopoulos
Cornell University PhD Dissertation

A Tight Reverse Minkowski Inequality for the Epstein Zeta Function
Y. Eisenberg, O. Regev & N. Stephens-Davidowitz

Assessing Gender Bias in Particle Physics and Social Science Recommendations for Academic Jobs
R.H. Bernstein, M.W. Macy, W.M. Williams, C.J. Cameron, S.C. Williams-Ceci & S.J. Ceci
Social Sciences

Autonomous Materials Synthesis Via Hierarchical Active Learning of Nonequilibrium Phase Diagrams
S. Ament, M. Amsler, D. R. Sutherland, M-C. Chang, D. Guevarra, A.B. Connolly, J.M. Gregoire, M.O. Thompson, C. P. Gomes & R.B. Van Dover
Science Advances

Bias Correction of Hydrologic Projections Strongly Impacts Inferred Climate Vulnerabilities in Institutionally Complex Water Systems
K. Malek, P. Reed, H. Zeff, A. Hamilton, M. Wrzesien, N. Holtzman, S. Steinschneider, J. Herman & T. Pavelsky
Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management

Collaborative Experience Between Scientific Software Projects Using Agile Scrum Development
A.L. Baxter, S.Y. BenZvi, W. Bonivento, A. Brazier, et al.
Journal of Software: Practice and Experience

Delta Thermal Radiomics: An Application in Dairy Cow Teats
P.S. Basran, C. DiLeo, I.R. Porter & M. Wieland
JDS Communications

Electroconvection Near an Ion-Selective Surface with Butler-Volmer Kinetics
G. Li, A. Townsend, L.A. Archer & D.L. Koch
Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Enabling Dynamics Studies of Proteins at Low Concentrations Using Electron Spin Resonance
W. Bekerman & M. Srivastava
Biophysical Journal

Exploring ENSO-Induced Anomalies over North America in Historical and Future Climate Simulations that use HadGEM2-ESM Output to Drive WRF
T. Shepherd, J.J. Coburn, R.J. Barthelmie & S.C. Pryor

Exponentially Small Cosmological Constant in String Theory
M. Demirtas, M. Kim, L. McAllister, J. Moritz & A. Rios-Tascon
Physical Review Letters

GPTuneBand: Multi-task and Multi-fidelity Autotuning for Large-scale High Performance Computing Applications
X. Zhu, Y. Liu, P. Ghysels, D. Bindel & X.S. Li
Berkeley Lab Report

Hepatitis C Virus Among Blood Donors and General Population in Middle East and North Africa: Meta-Analyses and Meta-Regressions
S. Mahmud, H. Chemaitelly, A.S. Alaama, J.G. Hermez & L. Abu-Raddad
World Journal of Meta-Analysis

Limit Distribution Theory for Smooth p-Wasserstein Distances
Z. Goldfeld, K. Kato, S. Nietert & G. Rioux

MultiSector Dynamics: Scientific Challenges and a Research Vision for 2030
P.M. Reed, A. Hadjimichael, R.H Moss, et al.
DOE Office of Science

Observed and Projected Scaling of Daily Extreme Precipitation with Dew Point Temperatures at Annual and Seasonal Scales across the Northeastern United States
S. Steinschneider & N. Najibi
Journal of Hydrometeorology

Occurrence of low-level jets over the Eastern U.S. coastal zone at heights relevant to wind energy
J.A. Aird, R.J. Barthelmie, T.J. Shepherd & S.C. Pryor

Ordering Operations for Generic Replicated Data Types Using Version Trees
N. Saquib, C. Krintz & R. Wolski
Proceedings of 9th Workshop on Principles and Practice of Consistency for Distributed Data

Pathogen Transport Amplifies or Dilutes Disease Transmission Depending on the Host Dose-Response Relationship
W.H. Ng, C.R. Myers, S.H. McArt & S.P. Ellner
Ecology Letters

Probabilistic Projections of Baseline Twenty-First Century CO2 Emissions Using a Simple Calibrated Integrated Assessment Model
V. Srikrishnan, Y. Guan, R.S.J. Tol & K. Keller
Climatic Change

Protection Against the Omicron Variant from Previous SARS-CoV-2 Infection
H.N. Altarawneh, H. Chemaitellyl, M.R. Hasan, H.H. Ayoub, et al..
New England Journal Of Medicine

Reliance on Science by Inventors: Hybrid Extraction of In-Text Patent-to-Article Citations
M. Marx & A. Fuegi
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy

SCiMMA Hopscotch: Performant, Robust, and Secure Messaging Cyberinfrastructure for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
A. Brazier, B. Cousins, S. Elsayed, et al.
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society

Soft Matter Crystallography--Complex, Diverse, and New Crystal Structures in Condensed Materials on the Mesoscale
Julia Dshemuchadse
Journal of Applied Physics

Stability of an Air-Water Mixing Layer: Focus on the Confinement Effect
C. Bozonnet, J-P. Matas, G. Balarac & O. Desjardins
Journal of Fluid Mechanics

The International Pulsar Timing Array Second Data Release: Search for an Isotropic Gravitational Wave Background
J. Antoniadis et al.

The Project ArAGATS Kasakh Valley Archaeological Survey, Armenia: Report of the 2014-2017 Seasons
I. Lindsay, A.F. Green, M.E. Marshall, R. Badalyan, A. Cromartie, K. Azalysan, L. Agihkyan, L. Khatchadourian, A. Mkrtchyan & A.T. Smith
American Journal of Archaeology

The Unmet Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Veterinary Medicine
P.S. Basran & R.B. Appleby
American Journal of Veterinary Research

Wakes In and Between Very Large Offshore Arrays
S.C. Pryor, R.J. Barthelmie, et al.
Journal of Physics


A global assessment of extreme wind speeds for wind energy applications
S.C. Pryor, R.J. Barthelmie
Nature Energy

Agile Scrum Development in an ad hoc Software Collaboration
A.L. Baxter, S.Y. BenZvi, W. Bonivento, A. Brazier, et al.

Aristotle Cloud Federation: Container Runtimes Technical Report
P.Z. Vaillancourt, B. Wineholt, T.J. Shepherd, S.C. Pryor, J. Lantz, R. Knepper, R. Wolski, C.R. Myers, B. Trumbore, R. Reynolds, J. Sprouse, D. Lifka

Astrophysics Milestones for Pulsar Timing Array Gravitational-wave Detection
N.S. Pol, S.R. Taylor, L.Z Kelley, S.J. Vigeland, J. Simon, S. Chen, Z. Arzoumanian, P.T. Baker, B. Becsy, A. Brazier et. al.
The Astrophysical Journal Letters

Bias Decomposition and Estimator Performance in Respondent-Driven Sampling
A.D. Sirianni, C.J. Camaeron, Y. Shi & D.D. Heckathorn
Social Networks

Constraining Galaxy Halos from the Dispersion and Scattering of Fast Radio Bursts and Pulsars
S.K. Ocker, J.M. Cordes & S. Chatterjee
The Astrophysical Journal

Containerized Application Kernels on Google Cloud
N.A. Simakov, S. Guercio, A. Bruno, M.D. Jones
Aristotle Cloud Federation Technical Report

Extraction of Weak Spectroscopic Signals with High Fidelity: Examples from ESR
M. Srivastava, B. Dzikovski & J.H. Freed
Journal of Physical Chemistry

Investigating the Stability and Accuracy of a Classical Mapping Variable Hamiltonian for Nonadiabatic Quantum Dynamics
E. Eklund & N. Ananth
Regular and Chaotic Dynamics Journal

Investor short-termism and real investment
D.M Rosch, A. Subrahmanyam, M.A. van Dijk
Nature Energy

Parallelizing the unpacking and clustering of detector data for reconstruction of charged particle tracks on multi-core CPUs and many-core GPUs
G. Cerati, P. Elmer, B. Gravelle, M. Kortelainen, V. Krutelyov, S. Lantz, et al.
Proceedings of CTD

Performance of U.S. Scientific Research Cyberinfrastructure: Structural and Relational Factors for Usage
Y.-C. Chen, X. Cheng & R. Knepper
International Conference on Digital Government Research

Searching for Gravitational Waves from Cosmological Phase Transitions with the NANOGrav 12.5-Year Dataset
Z. Arzoumanian, P.T. Baker, H. Blumer, B. Becsy, A. Brazier, et al.

Sparta: A heat-budget-based scheduling framework on IoT edge systems
M. Zhang, C. Krintz, R. Wolski
International Conference on Edge Computing

The NANOGrav 11 year data set: Limits on supermassive black hole binaries in galaxies within 500Mpc
Z. Arzoumanian, P.T. Baker, A. Brazier, et al.

The predicted metabolic function of the gut microbiota of Drosophila melanogaster
N.Y.D. Ankrah, B.E. Barker, J. Song, C. Wu, J.G. McMullen II, A.E. Douglas

WRF-simulated low-level jets over Iowa: characterization and sensitivity studies
J.A. Aird, R. Barthelmie, T.J. Shepherd, S.C. Pryor
Wind Energy Science


Asset pricing: A tale of night and day
T. Hendershott, D. Livdan, D. Rosch
Journal of Financial Economics

Detecting gravitational scattering of interstellar objects using pulsar timing
R.J. Jennings, J.M. Cordes, S. Chatterjee
The Astrophysical Journal

Fair schedule for deadline-driven, resource-constrained, multi-analytics workloads
S. Dimopoulos, C. Krintz, R. Wolski
International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications

Individual specialization and multihost epidemics: disease spread in plant-pollinator networks
S.P. Ellner, W.H. Ng, C.R. Myers
The American Naturalist

Modelling hail and convective storms with WRF for wind energy applications
F. Letson, T.J. Shepherd, R.J. Barthelmie, S.C. Pryor
Journal of Physics

Multistate ring polymer instantons and nonadiabatic reaction rates
S. Ranya, N. Ananth

NanoLambda: Implementing Functions as a Service at all resource scales for the Internet of Things
G. George, F. Bakir, R. Wolski, C. Krintz
Fifth ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing

Reconstruction of charge particle tracks in realistic detector geometry using a vectorized and parallelized kalman filter algorithm
G. Cerati, P. Elmer, B. Gravelle, M. Kortelainen, V. Krutelyov, S. Lantz, et al.

Reproducible and portable workflows for scientific computing and HPC in the cloud
P. Vaillancourt, B. Wineholt, B. Barker, P. Deliyannis, J. Zheng, A. Suresh, A. Brazier, R. Knepper, R. Wolski
PEARC'20: Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing

SCIMMA: A framework for data analysis discovery in multi-messenger astrophysics
A. Brazier, W. Anderson, P. Brady, et al.
Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society

Self-scaling clusters and reproducible containers to enable scientific computing
P.Z. Vaillancourt, J.E. Coulter, R. Knepper, B. Barker

Sensitivity of wind turbine array downstream effects to the parameterization used in WRF
T.J. Shepherd, R.J. Barthelmie, S.C. Pryor
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology

Speeding up particle track reconstruction using a parallel Kalman filter algorithm
S. Lantz, K. McDermott, M. Reid, D. Riley, P. Wittich, et al.
Journal of Instrumentation

Syntrophic splitting of central carbon metabolism in host cells bearing functionally different symbiotic bacteria
N.Y.D. Ankrah, R.A. Wilkes, F.Q. Zhang, D. Zhu, T. Kaweesi, L. Aristilde, A.E. Douglas
The ISME Journal

Water pathways: An open source stochastic simulation system for integrated water supply portfolio management and infrastructure investment planning
B.C. Trindade, D.F. Gold, P.M. Reed, H.B. Zeff, G.W. Characklis
Environmental Modelling & Software

"Wind Theft" from onshore wind turbine arrays: Sensitivity to wind farm parameterization and resolution
S.C. Pryor, T.J. Shepherd, P.J.H. Volker, A.N. Hahmann, R.J. Barthelmie
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology


A scalable system for executing and scoring K-means clustering techniques and its impact on applications in agriculture
N. Golubovic, C. Krintz, R. Wolski
International Journal of Big Data Intelligence

Analyzing AWS spot instance pricing
G. George, R. Wolski, C. Krintz, J. Brevik
2019 IEEE Conference on Cloud Engineering

Assessment of non-financial returns on cyberinfrastructure: A survey of current methods
C.A. Stewart, A. Apon, D.Y. Hancock, T. Furlani, A. Sill, J. Wernert, D. Lifka, et al.

Beyond campus bridging: A retrospective of cyberinfrastructure integration efforts
J.E. Coulter, R. Knepper, R. Reynolds, J. Sprouse, S. Bird

Complete genome sequences of Xanthomonas axonopodisc p.v. glycines isolates from the United States and Thailand reveal conserved transcription activator
S.C.D. Carpenter, L. Kladsuwan, S.W. Han, S. Prathuangwong, A.J. Bogdanove
Genome Biology and Evolution

Computational sustainability: Computing for a better world and a sustainable future
C. Gomes, T. Dietterich, C. Barrett, J. Conrad, B. Dilkina, S. Ermon, F. Fang, et al.
Communications of the ACM

Cyberinfrastructure, cloud computing, science gateways, visualization, and cyberinfrastructure ease of use
C.A. Stewart, R. Knepper, M.R. Link, M. Pierce, E. Wernert, N. Wilkins-Diehr
Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology

Cyberinfrastructure requirements to enhance Multi-Messenger Astrophysics
P. Chang, G. Allen, W. Anderson, F. Bianco, J. Bloom, P. Brady, A. Brazier, et al.

Data repair for distributed, event-based IoT applications
W.T. Lin, F. Bakir, C. Krintz, M. Mock
Proceedings of the 13th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems

Devices-as-services: Rethinking scalable service architecture for the internet of things
F. Bakir, R. Wolski, C. Krintz, G. Ramachandran
Proceedings of the 2019 USENIX Conference

Emergent regularities and scaling in armed conflict data
E.D. Lee, B.C. Daniels, C.R. Myers, D.C. Krakauer, J.C. Flack

Extending XSEDE innovations to campus cyberinfrastructure - The XSEDE national integration toolkit
E. Coulter, R. Reynolds, J. Sprouse, R. Knepper
Journal of Computational Science Education

Improving the accuracy of outdoor temperature prediction by IoT devices
N. Golubovic, R. Wolski, C. Krintz, M. Mock
IEEE Conference on IoT

Mandrake: Implementing durability for edge clouds
K. Carson, J. Thomason, R. Wolski, C. Krintz, M. Mock
IEEE International Conference on Edge Computing

Mining online training log data
S. Mehringer, C.R. Myers, J. Houchins, L. Rivera

NANOGrav education and outreach: Growing a diverse and inclusive collaboration for low-frequency gravitational wave astronomy
T. Dolch, P.T. Baker, H. Blumer, A. Brazier, S. Chatterjee, et al.

RADAR-derived precipitation climatology for wind turbine blade leading edge erosion
F. Letson, R.J. Barthelmie, S.C. Pryor
Wind Energy Science

Red Cloud and Aristotle: campus clouds and federations
R. Knepper, S. Mehringer, A. Brazier, B. Barker, R. Reynolds

Search space representation and reduction methods to enhance multiobjective water supply monitoring design
F. Bode, P. Reed, S. Reuschen, W. Nowak
Water Resources Research

Seneca: Fast and low cost hyperparameter search for machine learning methods
M. Zhang, C. Krintz, R. Wolski, M. Mock
IEEE Cloud 2019

Speeding up particle track reconstruction in the CMS detector using a vectorized and parallelized Kalman filter algorithm
G. Cerati, P. Elmer, B. Gravelle, M. Kortelainen, V. Krutelyov, S. Lantz, et al.

Tick size, liquidity for small and large orders, and price informativeness: Evidence from the Tick Size Pilot Program
K.H. Chung, A.J. Lee, D. Rosch
Journal of Financial Economics

Wind farm wakes simulated using WRF
S.C. Pryor, T.J. Shepherd, R. J. Barthelmie, A.N. Hahmann, P. Volker
Journal of Physics


A survey of analytical methods for inclusion in a new energy-water nexus knowledge discovery framework
M. Allen, S.Z.A Mohammed, V. Chandola, et al.
Big Earth Data Journal

CENTAURUS: A cloud service for K-means clustering
N. Golubovic, A. Gill, C. Krintz, R. Wolski
IEEE 15th Conference on Dependable, Automatics & Secure Computing

Creating effective online training videos from live training event recordings
S. Mehringer, T. Maiden, L. Rivera, J. Urbanic

Design and implementation of a secure computing environment for analysis of sensitive data at an academic medical center
P.R. Oxley, J. Ruffing, T.R. Campion, T.R. Wheeler, C.L. Cole
AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings

Detecting function dependencies across clouds
H. Jayathilaka, C. Krintz, R. Wolski
IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing

Downstream effects from contemporary wind turbine deployments
S.C. Pryor, R.J. Barthelmie, A. Hahmann, T. Sheperd, P. Volker
Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1037

Federated XDMoD to monitor affiliated computing resources
J. Sperhac, B.D. Plessinger, J.T. Palmer, et al.
2018 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing

Functional analysis of African Zanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae TALomes reveals new susceptibility gene in bacterial leaf blight of rice
T.T. Tran, A.L. Perez-Quintero, I Wonni, et al.
PLOS Pathogens

Inter-annual variability of wind climates and wind turbine annual energy production
S.C. Pryor, T. J. Shepherd, R.J. Barthelmie
Wind Energy Science

Parallelized Kalman-filter-based reconstruction of particle tracks on many-core architectures
G. Cerati, P. Elmer, S. Krutelyov, S. Lantz, et al.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series

Probabilistic guarantees of execution duration for Amazon spot instances
R. Wolski, J. Brevik, R. Chard, K. Chard
Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage and Analysis

The NANOGrav 11-year data set: High-precision timing of 45 millisecond pulsars
Z. Arzoumanian, A. Brazier, S. Burke-Spolaor, S. Chamberlin, S. Chatterjee, et al.
The Astrophysical Journal

Tracing function dependencies across clouds
W.T. Lin, C. Krintz, R. Wolski
IEEE 11th International Conference on Cloud Computing

Zen and the art of parameter estimation in systems biology
C.R. Myers
Invited chapter in Systems Immunology: An Introduction to Modeling Methods for Scientists


A Gene Encoding Maize Caffeoyl-CoA O-methyltransferase Confers Quantitative Resistance to Multiple Pathogens
Q. Yang, Y. He, M. Kabahuma, et al.
Nature Genetics

Cooperative Metabolism in a Three-Partner Insect-Bacterial Symbiosis Revealed by Metabolic Modeling
N. Ankrah, J. Luan, A. Douglas
Journal of Bacteriology

Microbiome and Metabolic Disease: Revisiting the Bacterial Phylum Bacteroidetes
E.L. Johnson, S. Heaver, W. Walters, R. Ley
Journal of Molecular Medicine

The Effect of Increasing Numbers of Repeats on TAL Effector DNA Binding Specificity
F. Rinaldi, L. Doule, B. Stoddard, A. Bogdanove
Nucleic Acids Research

The NANOGrav Nine-year Data Set: Measurement and Analysis of Variations in Dispersion Measures
M.L. Jones, M.A. McLaughlin, M.T. Lam, J.M. Cordes, L. Levin, S. Chatterjee, et al.
The Astrophysical Journal


A Diagnostic Assessment of Evolutionary Algorithms for Multi-Objective Surface Reservoir Control
S. Salazar, P. Reed, J. Herman, M. Giuliani, A. Castelletti
Advances in Water Resources

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Smart Farmers, Happy Cows
K. Klein
Cornell's EZRA Magazine: Julio Giordano

The I-Tevl Nuclease and Linker Domains Contribute to the Specificity of Monomeric TALENs
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Assessing the Natural Rate of Unemployment
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Computational and Experimental Models of Cancer Cell Response to Fluid Shear Stress
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Cornell Log Analysis and Monitoring Project (CLAMP)
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Data Management of Confidential Data
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Science with an Energy Recovery Linac
Editors: D. Bilderback, J. Brock, E. Fontes, G. Hoffstaetter
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Survey of Software for Fitting Capture-Recapture Models
J. Bunge
Computational Statistics

Toward a Reliable, Secure and Fault Tolerant Smart Grid State Estimation in the Cloud
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Did the Housing Price Bubble Clobber Local Labor Markets When It Burst?
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Energy Recovery Linac 2012 Report
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Estimating Population Diversity with CatchAll
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High-Throughput Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Genotyping for Breeding Applications in Rice using the BeadXpress Platform
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On-Center/Inhibitory-Surround Decorrelation via Intraglomerular Inhibition in the Olfactory Bulb Glomerular Layer
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Optimal Control of Financial Contagion
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Twenty Questions with Noise: Bayes Optimal Policies for Entropy Loss
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Journal of Applied Probability


A Case Study on the Use of Adapt-N
J. LaGioia, H. van Es, J. Melkonian, B. Moebius-Clune, D. Shearing
Computational Agriculture Institute Case Study

Absence of Tec Family Kinases Interleukin-2 Inducible T Cell Kinase and Bruton�s Tyrosine Kinase Severely Impairs Fc EpsilonRI-Dependent Mast Cell Responses
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Computational and Experimental Analysis Reveals a Requirement for Eosinophil-Derived IL-13 for the Development of Allergic Airway Responses in C57BL/6 Mice
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Demographic History and Rare Allele Sharing Among Human Populations
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Making Time-Stepped Applications Tick in the Cloud
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ACM Symposium on the Cloud

Maximizing Computational Learning for Faculty and Student Scientists: The Ranger Virtual Workshop
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Bioinformatics and Biology Insights

A Probability-Based Method for Calculating Effective Diffusion Coefficients of Composite Media
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A Variational Bayes Algorithm for Fast and Accurate Multiple Locus Genome-Wide Association Analysis
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Author Identifiers in Scholarly Repositories
S. Warner
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Behavioral Simulations in MapReduce
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How Adapt-N Calculates Field-Specific Sidedress N Recommendations for Corn
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Large Eddy Simulation/Probability Density Function Modeling of a Turbulent CH4/H2/N2 Jet Flame
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Local Ionosphere Model Estimation From Dual-Frequency GNSS Observables
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NNY Research Supports Precision Farming Tool for Corn Growers
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Northern New York Agricultural Program

Overview of the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing Sustainable Funding Model
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Population Dynamics of PIWI-RNAs (piRNAs) and their Targets in Drosophila
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Pulsar Discovery by Global Volunteer Computing
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Sustainable Funding and Business Models for Academic Cyberinfrastructure Facilities
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Constraining the Bulk Properties of Dense Matter by Measuring Millisecond Pulsar Masses
Whitepaper for Decadal Survey CFP Panel

Discovery of Three Pulsars from a Galactic Center Pulsar Population
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Dynamic Modeling of Workforce Requirements for Mass Prophylaxis under Highly Uncertain Conditions
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Efficient Extraction of Individual Pages from a Complete Web Crawl
O. Krokhin
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EScience in Practice: Lessons from the Cornell Web Lab
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D-Lib Magazine

Extending the Recursive Jensen-Shannon Segmentation of Biological Sequences
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Extreme Astrophysics with Neutron Stars
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Whitepaper for Astro 2010 Decadal Survey Committee

Flapping Wing Flight Can Save Aerodynamic Power
U. Pesavento, Z. Wang
Physical Review

Fruit Flies Modulate Passive Wing Pitching to Generate In-Flight Turns
A. Bergou, L. Ristroph, J. Guckenheimer, I. Cohen, Z. Wang
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Gravitational Wave Astronomy Using Pulsars: Massive Black Hole Mergers & the Early Universe
Whitepaper for Decadal Survey CFP Panel

Intergenerational Resource Transfers with Random Offspring Numbers
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Landmark Classification in Large-Scale Image Collections
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Mapping the World's Photos
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Microbial Community Structure in the North Pacific Ocean
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Minimum Cost Data Aggregation with Localized Processing for Statistical Inference
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Model-Based Estimates of Right Whale Habit Use in the Gulf of Maine
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Module Evolution and Substrate Specificity of Fungal Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases
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Parallel Stochastic Global Optimization Using Radial Basis Functions
R. Regis, C. Shoemaker
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Polymerase Chain Reaction Primers Miss Half of rRNA Microbial Diversity
S. Hong, J. Bunge, et al.
ISME Journal

Positional Effects on Citation and Readership in arXiv
A. Haque, P. Ginsparg

PPDB, the Plant Proteomics Database at Cornell
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Sensitivity Calculations in PDF Modelling of Turbulent Flames
Z. Ren, S. Pope
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute

Sensitivity to Grain Discretization of the Simulated Crystal Stress Distributions in FCC Polycrystals
H. Ritz, P. Dawson
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering

Surface Mesh Regeneration Considering Curvatures
A. Miranda, L. Martha, P. Wawrzynek, A. Ingraffea
Engineering with Computers

The Context Sensitivity Problem in Biological Sequence Segmentation
S. Cheong, P. Stodghill, D. Schneider, S. Cartinhour, C.Myers
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The Cornell Energy Recovery Linac: Update on a Future Source of Coherent Hard X-Rays
D. Bilderback, B. Dunham, G. Hoffstaetter, Al Temnykh, S. Gruner
Synchrotron Radiation News

The GALEX Arecibo SDSS Survey
B. Catinella, D. Schiminovich, et al.
Cornell University Technical Report


A Comparison of Finite Element and Atomistic Modelling of Fracture
V. Coffman, J. Sethna, G Heber, M. Liu, A. Ingraffea, N. Bailey, E. Barker
Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering

A Direct Multiple Histogram Reweighting Method for Optimal Computation of the Density of States
M. Fenwick
Journal of Chemical Physics

A Multi-Dimensional View on Information Retrieval of CMS Data
A. Dolgert, L. Gibbons, V. Kuznetsov, C.D. Jones, D. Riley
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A Multi-Length Scale Sensitivity Analysis for the Control of Texture-Dependent Properties in Deformation Processing
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A Non-Linear Dimension Reduction Methodology for Generating Data-Driven Stochastic Input Models
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A Scalable Framework for the Solution of Stochastic Inverse Problems Using a Sparse Grid Collocation Approach
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A Seamless Approach towards Stochastic Modeling: Sparse Grid Collocation and Data Driven Input Models
B. Ganapathysubramanian, N. Zabaras
Finite Elements in Analysis and Design

A Stochastic Multiscale Framework for Modeling Flow through Random Heterogeneous Porous Media
B. Ganapathysubramanian, N. Zabaras
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An Improved Algorithm for In Situ Adaptive Tabulation
L. Lu, S. Pope
Journal of Computational Physics

Analysis Environments for CMS
C.D. Jones, L. Luc, B. Hegner
Journal of Physics

Calculating the Jaccard Similarity Coefficient with Map Reduce for Entity Pairs in Wikipedia
J. Bank, B. Cole
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Challenges in Continuum Modeling of Intergranular Fracture
V. Coffman, J. Sethna, G. Heber, A. Liu, A. Ingraffea, N. Bailey, E. Barker
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Characterization of the PvdS-Regulated Promoter Motif in Pseudomonas syringae pv. Tomato DC3000 Reveals Regulon Members and Insights Regarding PvdS Function in other Pseudomonads
B. Swingle, D. Thete, M. Moll, C Myers, D. Schneider, S. Cartinhour
Molecular Microbiology

Combined Monitoring and Modeling Indicate the Most Effective Agricultural Best Management Practice
Z. Easton, M. Walter, T. Steenhuis
Journal of Environmental Quality

Cyberscholarship: High Performance Computing meets Digital Libraries
W. Arms
Journal of Electronic Publishing

Digital Research Data Curation
Cornell University Library Data Working Group Report

Environmental rRNA Inventories Miss Over Half of Protistan Diversity
S. Jeon, J. Bunge, C. Leslin, T. Stoeck, S. Hong, S. Epstein
BMC Microbiology

Evolution of the Electronic Excitation Spectrum with Strongly Diminishing Hole Density in Superconducting Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ
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Genome-Wide Analyses Reveal Lineage Specific Contributions of Positive Selection and Recombination to the Evolution of Listeria Monocytogenes
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Global Transcriptional Responses of Pseudomonas Syringae CD3000 to Changes in Iron Bioavailability In Vitro
P. Bronstein, M. Filiatrault, C. Myers, M. Rutzke, D. Schneider, S. Cartinhour
BMC Microbiology

High-Resolution Spatial Interpolation of Weather Generator Parameters Using Local Weighted Regressions
D. Wilks
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

Homologous Recombination is Very Rare or Absent in Human Influenza A Virus
M. Boni, Y. Zhou, J. Taubenberger, E. Holmes
Journal of Virology

Imaging the Impact on Cuprate Superconductivity of Varying the Interatomic Distances within Individual Crystal Unit Cells
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Microarray for Molecular Typing of Salmonella Enterica Serovars
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Molecular and Cellular Probes

Microbial Eukaryotes in the Hypersaline Anoxic L'Atalante Deep-Sea Basin
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Modeling Diffusion in Random Heterogeneous Media: Data-Driven Models, Stochastic Collocation and the Variational Multiscale Method
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� �


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