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Estimates for Faculty Grant Proposals

Proposal Planning

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate and provide services to you to enhance the competitiveness of NSF, NIH, and other grant proposals and to ensure that deliverables are met in a timely and efficient manner.

CAC provides economies of scale and in-depth experience in computation and data analysis that Cornell PIs can apply to problems in research, education, and outreach. See services available for descriptions of our capabilities.

We are happy to meet with you for an initial discussion regarding an upcoming proposal. Please keep in mind that as an interdisciplinary service center, besides our computing and consulting expertise, we work with hundreds of research faculty and staff across campus and may be able to bring new collaborators and ideas to the table.

Up to 20 hours free consulting is available to architect the optimal HPC cluster, storage system, etc. for your application and, if procuring a cluster, secure favorable pricing.

System proof-of-concepts, benchmarking, installation, etc. will be charged at our hourly consulting rate.

Computing Services Estimates for Grants

See CAC computing services rates – private cluster maintenance, web server leases, cloud computing services, and storage services – for grant proposal estimates.

Consulting Services Estimates for Grants

The CAC consulting hourly rate does not include Cornell Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs, i.e., indirect costs. CAC consulting rates include fringe benefits.

Contact Us

Contact us if you need help preparing your proposal budget to include CAC services.