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High Performance Computing on Stampede

Introductory Topics -- January 14, 2015
Advanced Topics -- January 15, 2015

Cornell University
Carpenter Library, Blue Room
Guest Wireless
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January 14 - Introductory Topics
9:00 Welcome Susan Mehringer
9:15 Stampede Programming Environment
(Lab interspersed)
Susan Mehringer
Lab: Brazier, Lantz
10:30 Best Practices for Code Development in the Research Environment Adam Brazier
12:00Lunch break
1:00 Parallel Programming Concepts Susan Mehringer
1:30 Message Passing Interface (MPI)
(Lab interspersed)
Brandon Barker
Lab: Brazier, Mehringer
3:00 OpenMP
Steve Lantz
Lab: Birkland, Mehringer
4:00 Vectorization
Aaron Birkland
Lab: Barker, Mehringer
January 15 - Advanced Topics
9:00 Data Transfer Adam Brazier
9:30 Workflows and Data Management Adam Brazier
10:30 Scalability
Steve Lantz
Lab: Brazier
11:30 Code Optimization
Brandon Barker
Lab: Birkland
12:30Lunch break
1:30 Introduction to MIC
(Lab 1, Lab 2)
Steve Lantz
Lab: Birkland
2:30 Autosave for Research: Where to Start with Checkpoint/Restart Brandon Barker
3:30 Visualization
Aaron Birkland
Lab: Lantz

Jan 14:

#SBATCH -p normal
#SBATCH --reservation= Cornell-Training-2015-01-14

Jan 15:

#SBATCH -p normal
#SBATCH --reservation= Cornell-Training-2015-01-15