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Data Analysis on Ranger
January 19-20, 2012

Cornell University
Carpenter Library
Blue Room
Guest Wireless
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Longhorn User Guide
Evaluation Form
XSEDE User Portal
TACC User Portal
Ranger Virtual Workshop

January 19
General Topics10:00 WelcomeSusan Mehringer
10:15 HPC Environment Susan Mehringer
LabAaron Birkland
Linda Woodard
11:30Data Transfer, Movement, and StorageLinda Woodard
Data Analysis 1:00 Data Formats and Databases Linda Woodard
2:00 Parallel I/O Steve Lantz
3:00 MapReduce with Hadoop Aaron Birkland
4:00 Data Analysis with MATLAB Steve Lantz
Lab FilesLinda Woodard
January 20
Code Improvement10:00 Introduction to Python for Research Workflows Dave Lifka
LabLucia Walle
11:00 Optimization Steve Lantz
Lab Aaron Birkland
Visualization1:00 Introduction to Scientific VisualizationAaron Birkland
Lab: EnVisionSteve Lantz
Visualization Tools 
Lab: VisItSteve Lantz
Lab: ParaViewSteve Lantz
Parallel Large-Scale Visualization 
Remote and Collaborative Visualization 
Lab: ParallelSteve Lantz