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Cloud Computing

Cloud Services

CAC was an early adopter of cloud technologies. Lessons learned helped us design and deploy one of the nation's first campus cloud services called Red Cloud. Cornell researchers use Red Cloud to reduce time to science and our consultants create cloud images to facilitate model analyses such as simulating carbon-cycling enzymes.

Red Cloud delivers on-demand elasticity for science and engineering applications and research portals. Users have access to dedicated rather than oversubscribed CPU and RAM, and there is no charge for network traffic. These features, along with Nvidia GPUs, are especially appealing to researchers.

Steven Lee
Systems Consultant

Cloud Training

CAC developed cloud computing training for the national research community as a collaborator on the NSF-funded Jetstream project and is currently developing Cornell Virtual Workshop modules for Jetstream 2.

Federated Clouds

With NSF support, CAC built a federated cloud model for large-scale data analysis known as the Aristotle Cloud Federation. CAC also enhanced its knowledge and skills in the development of cloud-ready research applications and the use of self-scaling and reproducible clusters. 15 REUs have participated in the Aristotle project.