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National Science Foundation


The National Science Foundation is a major supporter of research at Cornell University. As Cornell’s advanced computing center, CAC supports Cornell’s NSF-funded researchers and their computing needs. CAC is also directly funded by NSF to help develop the nation’s cyberinfrastructure resources and services.

NSF Federated Cloud

Cornell received an $8.2 million award to lead a new NSF project called the Aristotle Cloud Federation.


Cornell University is on the XSEDE team that is providing advanced digital resources and services to our nation’s scientists. For more information, visit bridging to national cyberinfrastructure.

Other NSF Projects

CAC is developing training for Frontera and has developed cloud training for Jetstream. In addition, we are developing software for IRIS-HEP and serve as the cyberinfrastructure lead for SCIMMA.

Digital Data Collections

ArXiv, eBird, Gramene, Kinetic Models for Design, and the ALPHA Pulsar project are examples of digital data collections hosted by Cornell with support from the National Science Foundation.

Supporting NSF-Funded Research

Cornell University faculty and staff that use CAC resources currently have over $100 million in sponsored program research awards from the NSF, NIH, DOD, NASA, USDA, and other public and private funding agencies.