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Director’s Welcome

Big Data. Cloud. Mobile. The Digital Age is upon us. With every new technology comes a new challenge. Meeting those challenges depends not only on the right technology platforms, but also the rapid deployment of optimal applications, data, and tools.

Faculty, staff and students from over 80 Cornell departments and research centers rely on the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing for research, education and outreach computing and consulting services that range from HPC systems and storage to programming, database development, and web portal design. Performance on Red Cloud, Cornell's on-premise cloud service, is predicable and reproducible, and NVIDIA GPUs are now available. Our application containerization services make your research applications and workflows portable, so they can run on any cloud, whether on-premise, public, or national resources.

In addition, our participation in important national NSF cyberinfrastructure grants such as XSEDE and Frontera funds on-campus training and consulting and potential access to some of the most powerful systems in the country. Other funded projects include the Aristotle Cloud Federation, a $8.2 million grant awarded to CAC to build a federated cloud to support scientists requiring flexible workflows and analysis tools for large-scale data sets.

Last but not least, faculty from the sciences and engineering and the humanities, arts, and social sciences are leveraging our education and outreach services to make their research proposals more competitive and to address broader impact, learning and collaboration needs. These services include:

  • Custom Virtual Workshops – we design, deploy and support highly interactive, on-demand training and education workshops. You provide the content or subject matter expert, we do the rest. Treatment options include exercises, simulations, videos, and quizzes. Workshop usage statistics are automatically generated for funding agency reports.
  • Humanities or Science Gateways – we integrate tools, applications, data collections, and forums via a custom web portal that is designed to engage and support your research community while maximizing outreach to K-12 students/educators, citizen scientists, and the public.
  • Proposal Development - we offer up to 20 hours of free proposal development services to estimate computing and consulting services, configure systems, and make your proposals more competitive.

Please contact our Deputy Director Rich Knepper, Ph.D, via email to discuss your needs and ideas. We welcome the opportunity to better understand your research computing needs.

David A. Lifka, Ph.D.
Director, Cornell Center for Advanced Computing
Vice President for Information Technologies and Chief Information Officer, Cornell University