Connecting to CAC resources

Red Cloud

Please see the Red Cloud and OpenStack pages for information on managing, connecting to, and using Red Cloud resources.

The information on the remainder of this page is primarily for users of CAC-maintained Private Clusters (for particular research groups) and data storage services, especially CAC's online, non-archival data storage.

However, it is potentially of interest to users of Red Cloud and other CAC services.

CAC login nodes

There are two types of login nodes:

  • The head nodes for the various Linux-based private clusters
  • Linux login node:

The general CAC login node, linuxlogin, is mostly intended for researchers who are have procured CAC storage services, apart from Red Cloud and private clusters (see Working with CAC file storage. This login node is broadly accessible from the Internet, and it provides a convenient way for researchers to gain access to their files. On the general login node, you will find a modest number of software tools installed to aid in working with files (but please do not use these tools for doing production computing there).

In what follows, we will often use linuxlogin as stand-in for the particular CAC servers that you are trying to access (e.g., in a private cluster or in Red Cloud).