Cayuga Cluster

This is a private cluster, accessible to only users in cayuga_xxxx projects.

Access to the Cayuga cluster is restricted to connections from the Cornell Ithaca or Weill VPNs.

Setting up your Access

In order to login to the cayuga cluster, we presume you have received a "Welcome" e-mail that has pointed you to this website.

The following steps will guide you to gain access to the cayuga cluster via keys starting with the 'Credentials for CAC Services' section. You will NOT use a password to login to this cluster, only your key. This key will be created within the next steps. (Therefore, bypass the section 'CAC Account Password'). Be sure to complete each step one time for initial access starting with the 'Globus Sub' registration.

We suggest you may want to Open the setup of credentials URL as listed below in a separate browser window in order to keep following these instructions as you go through the steps: CAC Credentials for CAC Services

Instructions for setup to access the cayuga cluster start here

  • Bypassing the section 'CAC Account Password', scroll down to Credentials for CAC Services and Click on Globus Sub My account

  • Select Weill Cornell Medical College OR Cornell University Globus and Continue

  • Login using your CWID or NetID (based on your previous selection, you will be redirected to either the 'WCM' or 'CU' Web Login page. WCM Login CU Login If you have never setup globus with your account, you will get three prompts/screens: Continue Globus Welcome Check the box and Continue Globus Complete Allow CAC Website Allow

  • Select the Weill ID or Cornell NetID button (based on previous choice) Verify

  • Click on Generate ssh key pair ** This will generate and register an SSH key for accessing the cayuga cluster. SSH KeyClick

  • Copy the SSH Private Key (click on the copy button) to your computer(s) into a keyfile-private-file (name the file whatever you would like). You will use this keyfile-private-file to access

  • Move the keyfile-private-file into your homedir/.ssh directory on your personal computer (If you do not have a ~/.ssh directory: mkdir .ssh; chmod 700 .ssh) Your permissions must be read-write (600) only for keyfile-private-file and read-write-execute (700) for the .ssh directory or you will not have success in using it to access cayuga-login1 (chmod 600 ~/.ssh/keyfile-private-key) Key

Connect to the Cayuga Cluster

Technical Documentation for the cayuga cluster