If you have any questions after reading this FAQ, please send email or call 607-254-8686.


How can I obtain a CAC account?
How can I determine the number of hours I have left before I reach my project limit?
My account is locked.
  • If it was locked after repeated password failures, it should automatically unlock after 30 minutes. Otherwise, contact CAC
I forgot my password, or have problems with a new password, or need a password reset.
Are my login id and password the same for all CAC managed machines?
  • Yes. For an ssh connection give your CAC login id at the prompt.


Need to share a file with a colleague outside the university. This is typically provided via Globus.
Can't access files.
Why use a temporary directory (/tmp) on a cluster compute node?
  • $HOME is network mounted on cluster compute nodes. It is faster to perform local file I/O than to perform I/O over the network. Researchers should copy data from $HOME to the compute node's /tmp at the beginning of the job, run the job from /tmp; and copy the results at job end from /tmp to $HOME.

Red Cloud

Getting Started

New to Red Cloud? The best way to get started is to read the documentation and try things out. Here is a suggested list of pages to look over to help with getting started managing resources.

Suggested Reading

  1. Red Cloud - includes information about:
  2. The first time you login to your CAC Account
  3. Create/Manage resources
  4. Accessing instances
  5. Accounting
  6. OpenStack - a highly recommended quick-start page including instructions for:
  7. Either instructions for Linux Instances OR Windows Instances

Other Useful References

Connecting to Instances

First, ensure that the instance has finished being created by checking in the OpenStack Web Interface or the OpenStack CLI. Next, refer to the available documentation for accessing Linux instances or accessing Windows instances. If you are having trouble connecting to your instance, please review this documentation first to ensure you're following the correct steps. If you have created a Linux Instances and are having trouble connecting via ssh, try the troubleshooting steps.