Connect to Windows

Using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to connect to a Windows Server

This method of connecting to a Windows server is preferred because it provides you with a fully functional Windows desktop.

Remote desktop sessions do not expire unless you log out, but they will end when machines are shelved or rebooted.

  • If you use a Windows machine:
    Use the Remote Desktop Connection to connect. This software is pre-installed on Windows desktops. To run it, find Windows Accessories in your Start menu, then click Remote Desktop Connection.
  • If you use macOS:
    Search from Microsoft Remote Desktop at the App Store. it works just like the Remote Desktop Connection in Windows. Tip: if authentication fails, make sure your software updates are current.
  • If you use Unix or Linux:
    You can access Windows machines with Remmina, a free and open source remote desktop client. It can be installed through your package manager on most Unix and Linux systems. Another option is the older rdesktop client.