CLI Client: Networks


Red Cloud 2 is currently in beta testing and not available to all users. If you are not a Red Cloud 2 beta tester, use the production Red Cloud instead. This Red Cloud 2 documentation is still under development.

Beta testers: Report all problems to CAC Help. Please specify Red Cloud 2 when reporting problems. Thank you!

List Networks

openstack network list

Create a Private Network

You should create a network and attach a subnet to the network.

openstack network create <network-name>
openstack subnet create --use-default-subnet-pool --network <network-name-or-id> <subnet-name>

Delete a Network

openstack network delete <network-name-or-id>

List Routers

openstack router list

Create a Router

openstack router create <router-name>

Connect a Router to a Subnet

openstack router add subnet <router-name-or-ip> <subnet-name-or-ip>

Delete a Router

openstack router delete <router-name>

List FLoating IP Addresses

openstack floating ip list

Create a Floating IP Address

One option is --subnet <subnet-name-or-id>, which specifies a subnet to attach the IP to.

openstack floating ip create <network-name-or-id>

Delete a Floating IP Address

openstack floating ip delete <IP-or-id>

Assign a Floating IP Address to an Instance

openstack server add floating ip <instance-name-or-id> <IP-or-id>

Remove a Floating IP Address from an Instance

openstack server add floating ip <instance-name-or-id> <IP-address>